Change Yourself

What turns us on

When we began talking about how to position this brand, our motivation was to do things differently. Both of us are turned on by thinking things into a larger framework. So when our clothing brands are going to see the light of day, they have to signal quality. With focus on statements and designs that stop people in their tracks, encourage them to reflect and perhaps inspire them to be more sociable. This approach only made sense to us if WE too paused to reflect on how our brands should be produced, who would make them and how the environment would be impacted in the process.

Social responsibility and focus on sustainability
It seemed only natural for us to incorporate sustainability and social responsibility into our project. To consider our common future, to what we are leaving our children and grandchildren. The importance of nature and respect for other individuals and their right to a decent life are essential values for us. As consumers these parameters can be difficult to assess, but as producers, we can help set new standards. We want people to pause and think about who we are and how we influence the world and other people through our choices.

• Organically cultivated raw materials without pesticides

• Treatment and limitation of waste water in production

• Environmental targets and control of waste in production

• Prohibition of such substances as formaldehyde, heavy metals, nanoparticles, genetically modified organisms and bleaches.

• Wrapping and packaging without PVC and phthalates

• Paper used for labels and stickers made of certified recycled paper

• Farm and production workers with working conditions that meet ILO (International Labour Organisation) standards. No one may be threatened or forced to work, workers must have the right to form unions, the right to a minimum wage that covers actual costs of living, a workplace safety guarantee, no discrimination and no child labour.

Care for your clothes and our common future
We want to help influence development in the direction of being more conscious about consumption and consuming less. Of taking better care of our clothes, our resources, each other and nature. But we also choose clothing that makes us feel good, selected on the basis of our own aesthetics and taste rather than dictated by the whims of fashion. Of course, we are only a drop in the ocean, but we believe it makes a difference and that the difference starts with us.

Change yourself is the message. It all starts with ourselves and the choices we make. Our choices influence our lives today as well as tomorrow.

Kind regards from Jeppe and Johnny