Change Yourself

Change Yourself

Change Yourself

Change Yourself is a new Danish clothing label established in the summer of 2017
by Jeppe Hein and Johnny Nielsen. The two men have been friends since they were teenagers, when art played a large part in their friendship and they painted together.

However, in more recent years, the idea of producing clothing based on social responsibility and sustainability has held their increasing interest.

For the past 20 years, Jeppe Hein has been an established artist on the international art scene, while Johnny Nielsen has many years of experience in the textile branch, while painting in his free time.

Change Yourself wants to show that clothing can be something other than Fast Fashion, as well as an alternative to traditionally produced clothing. Traditional production often fails to respect people in the first link of the production process, and adds to that by not taking the global environment into consideration.

  • Change Yourself is produced by organic cotton in Europe.

  • Change Yourself stands for quality with designs that have a lifetime longer than the latest seasonal trend.

  • Change Yourself T-shirts have motifs and statements related to Jeppe Hein’s art work, which ask thoughtful questions about the world we live in. The clothing is sold through our web shop as well as at selected museums and galleries where Jeppe Hein exhibits.

Jeppe Hein: